Station Hill parking

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A lot of coverage has been afforded to the double yellow lines being placed on the approach road to Nowton Park. It would be far better and safer for all road users if that yellow paint had been used on Station Hill, in Bury St Edmunds.

Every time I drive over the brow of the hill on Station Hill I take my life in my hands because of the unending stream of cars parked on the road. If the cars parked there were for sole use of the residents of the new flats then I could live with that, however that is not the case and all and sundry park their cars there as it is a free car space. There are also truck and van drivers who park right on the brow of the hill forcing cars coming up the hill from the Northgate Road end having to cross over the centre part of the road.

The council has caused enough problems to drivers with the ridiculous positioning of the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Station Hill and now add to the confusion and danger by allowing cars to park on the hill.

Ian Laidlaw,

Fornham St Martin.