Roads will not cope

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There is, understandably, a great deal of general concern about the overall effect of the 2031 Vision for Bury St Edmunds and the Rural areas. I write, however, to highlight one specific problem.

The development to the south east of Bury, which will see a new settlement with several thousands of new residents, many car owners, whose only route out would be to drive into the small roundabout between Southgate Street and the A14. Not only will all the residents need to use this piece of road, but also traffic from the A134, which will been diverted from Sicklesmere Road via the planned relief road to the nearest available position to the main A14 junction.

While good news for people on Sicklesmere Road, this puts tremendous pressure on this one spot. Massive congestion is inevitable, surely?

I am sure there are many other ‘devil in the detail’ flaws in the 2031 plans, but this is a big one: How can part of a road which is already ‘full’ for a good deal of the day, take a massive increase in both residential and passing-though traffic?

Cllr Craig Dearden-Phillips MBE,

Suffolk County Council,

Hardwick Division.