Roads can’t cope now

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I write in response to your article on Vision 31 (Bury Free Press, February 2), specifically with regards to the North-West Bury St Edmunds proposals.

It will be interesting to see what consultation is carried out – our council usually uses these periods of time to simply tell us what it is going to do regardless of what we think.

The promises of tree belts, avenue planting, recreation grounds, pedestrian, cycle and bus links to Howard and Mildenhall estates all seem a bit ambitious and Utopian to me. The developers will be interested in building their houses as quickly as possible, selling them and running away with the cash. The ‘add ons’ will not happen and are likely to be left to the council to do. This attitude is why there is no proper walkway between the town centre and the arc and why residents in new parts of Moreton Hall have lived in houses for months without street lights and footpaths.

Although these new proposals for the Moreton Hall side of town allow for a new A14 link road, to date several thousand houses have been built there and no new roads/access built, so why will another relatively low number of 900 houses demand any new roads. And when did we last have a reliable bus service in this town? Cycle ‘links’ are fine, but there are no cycle paths along many of the main routes, so cyclists have to brave the normal traffic to get anywhere they need to go.

What are the proposed routes of these roads and walkways? If they are planning on linking them to existing roads/paths, those have been established for years and can barely cope with the use they already get.

Richard Dubery,

Bury St Edmunds.