READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, November 11

Remembrance crosses

This week we have two poems on the theme of Remembrance, by Gillian Grinham and Jan Parkin.


Their youth was traded

For our old age.

They left behind their country

So we could call it home.

War enslaved them

So we can embrace freedom.

By facing violence

They bequeathed us Peace.

This is our debt,

And one that we must honour.

Young lives, brave deeds

We always will recall.

While daily bustle stills

Names etched in stone ring out.

We pray, and vow to keep

Our promise – to remember.



Poppies on your collar

Blood red like what was shed

Each one to symbolise a life

That lived and then fell dead

Poppies on your collar

Their beauty more than 

Evoke such thoughts and fill the heart

Of war so cruel and daunting

Poppies on your collar

Relations yours and mine

Their lives so short, their fight so long

Their courage so sublime

Poppies on your collar

The tears that flow because

They’ve gone to somewhere

far from earth

And left behind their loss

Poppies on your collar

Remember them with pride

For now they rest with no more pain

With angels by their side......


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