READERS’ PICTURES: Lost on the prom at Felixstowe

Lost glove at Felixstowe by Scott Usher ANL-161122-151538001

This week’s winner is Scott Usher with this picture taken on the promenade at Felixstowe.

Scott, from Stowmarket, who was out with his family for a weekend stroll, said it was a cold day and that the owner would have been missing their glove.

Pheasant by Derrick Poole ANL-161122-151555001

Scott wins the chance to have his picture made into an A3 canvas print courtesy of Denny Bros’ Sprint Print service in King’s Road. Alternatively he can choose five smaller glossy prints.

Derek Poole, from Tostock, sent in this photo of a pheasant in all his finery, taken amidst the autumn leaves down a lane in Pakenham.

This picture of the light striking a spider and its finely woven web was sent in by Valerie Matthews.

-- Send your pictures to Please put ‘Reader picture’ in the subject line and include your name, full postal address (we’ll need it if you’re a winner) and some information about the picture.

Spider's web by Valerie Matthews ANL-161122-151608001

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