READERS’ LETTERS: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, December 27.

Readers' letters
Readers' letters
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A slection of readers’ letters from the Bury Free Press of Friday, December 27, 2013.


I’m writing on behalf of West Suffolk Hospital to say a massive thank you to your readers for the incredible support they have shown to the Beat It appeal over the past 12 months.

By organising special fund-raising events, donating so generously and supporting raffles, tombolas, charity cycle rides, treasure trails and lots more, our fantastic west Suffolk community has helped us raise more than £58,000. The money will be used to buy a new prostate cancer scanner as well as further enhancing the care we can offer to patients with the illness. We would also like to thank the Bury Free Press for their amazing support. The excellent coverage given to the campaign has not only raised money but also awareness of prostate cancer and its symptoms – in turn helping to save lives.

So thank you once more for all your support. We wish you all a merry Christmas and very happy new year.

-- Dave Gooderham, West Suffolk Hospital fund-raising manager


It does seem totally pointless that Inspector Roger Clews will be holding meetings in Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill about the growth of Bury and the impact of the 2013 plan on local traffic.

We local people will be allowed to attend, but not say a word. How stupid is this? That’s not consultation or any regards for the rights of people and voters.

We all know that we need more homes in Bury and surrounding areas, we have looked to the county council for an overall, all encompassing plan to manage the 6,000 homes and the possible 12,000 extra cars.

Nothing positive, that makes any sense, has been said.

Existing estates, which due to the passing of older residents and tenants, have a massive increase in car ownership; the new homes will be in excess of £250,000 and traffic will increase to build them, plus, though some people believe the new residents will walk, cycle, or take a bus and taxi to work, no-one buying them can possibly hope to have jobs with such high salaries within walking distance of Bury.

The majority will be two adults working, in London, Norwich, Cambridge etc, so proper access to and from the A14 is crucial.

Can existing bus services be expanded or new services started (buses, must make a profit)? Will schools and doctors’ surgeries be able to cope, and will section 106 homes, whose tenants will probably need two working adults able to pay the 80 per cent of free market rents, be able to get high paying jobs within walking distance or bus distance? Probably not.

It’s not difficult to get pertinent information, using road sensors, to correctly map current traffic density, possible and known choke points.

We as residents, ask and demand, from local and county councillors, a well thought out, all-encompassing plan, to integrate the new estates, not some piecemeal, cobbled together rubbish.

The very fact that we the people, are not allowed to speak with the inspector, smacks of a done deal, for our lovely town. What chance do we have.

-- Tom Murray, Bury St Edmunds


I am writing to you as a parent of St Louis School Middle child, with two other children that have been to the school.

Despite the attack on the school’s status over more than four years, it has achieved the position as Outstanding in two Ofsted inspections.

It is utterly wrong for the schools of St Benedict’s, the outlying Catholic schools and St Edmund’s to campaign for the removal of the St Louis ethos from future education when none of them have succeeded in providing such a good educational provision.

It is these schools that should be looking at themselves in any future change and the teachers and management at St Louis school should be rewarded for their wonderful achievement despite working in such a difficult environment.

If acknowledgement is not proposed when re-aligning the education in Bury St Edmunds within this part of the school system, providing jobs, enhancing the ethos of the other schools, listening to parents views at St Louis, then those in the position of rearranging the system to ‘improve education’ become culpable in themselves.

Serious questions need to be asked on those at these schools so keen to see St Louis close and rewards should be given to the wonderful tireless teachers at St Louis who are keeping everything going with their outstanding status. Any acknowledgement should not be piecemeal, but given in the form of jobs and improved responsibility. Any other way of dealing with the situation must result in a degree of unfairness that deserves to be publicised.

In conclusion, if the change is necessary, those that have done an outstanding job should be compared against their peers, retained, rewarded and promoted.

-- Dominic Holmes, via email


Today we visited Bury St Edmunds.

While there, we dined at The Fox Inn, in Eastgate Street. What a delightful experience!

The members of staff were most welcoming and attentive, yet not intrusive. The food was excellent and plentiful.

The inn’s interior was bright, warm and inviting. We look forward for returning.

-- Timothy and Evelyn Fleming, Lakenheath


I would like to say a big thank you for the publicity you gave my Nordic walking challenege. With your help I have raised in excess of £400 for the Beat It! campaign.

-- Barbara Macdonald, via email


Members of the Bury St Edmunds Action Group for Cancer Research UK would like to say a massive thank you to the people of the town that gave so generously to a street collection of which took part during the months of August and September all in aid of Cancer Research UK. A total of £582.89 was collected during this period. The charity does not receive any government funding and so donations and support like this are crucial.

-- Nicholas Whymark, Fund-raising manager Suffolk Cancer Research UK


As a member of West Road Church and a resident on Priors Estate, I would like to say thank you on behalf of myself and many others to everyone in the church who contributed to the hampers for families on the estate which were appreciated very much.

Also thank you to the businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, who has given money to pay for a lot of Christmas dinners enjoyed by many families, pensioners and homeless people on Decembre 18 and 19 at the Priors Inn.

Also a huge thank you to Graham Jack, who works on the committee for the church. Graham has worked tirelessly in the last two years or more. He has set up a food bank, recycles furniture to thos in need and much more.

-- Pearl Adams, Bury St Edmunds