puddle is a tragedy waiting to happen

stowmarket puddle
stowmarket puddle
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Linda Baxter, Mid-Suffolk Green Party Stowmarket

A huge ‘puddle’ appears at the corner of Finborough Road and Iliffe Way in Stowmarket whenever it rains. The road was recently re-surfaced and a cycleway created, but it seems that the amount of surface water collecting there was not factored-in when the work was done.

Several people have been soaked as cars drive by. Some of these are vulnerable people like children in prams, adults in wheelchairs and scooters who can’t get out the way in time.

Finborough Road is one of the major roads out of the town centre and this corner is one that those using the car park behind Asda use. It’s also a major pedestrian route to and from Stowmarket schools and a vast area of housing. I am extremely concerned, as it gets colder, that this lake of a puddle will freeze over, with consequences I almost dare not to imagine.

This, potentially, is a tragedy waiting to happen. I urge the county council to take urgent action, before it’s too late.