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RE Aviary may go in £3m Abbey Gardens revamp (Bury Free Press, June 22).

As you will see from my address I am a ‘furrener’ from over the border but I have, on occasions, visited your wonderful cathedral and beautiful Abbey Gardens; and I enjoy looking along the aviary – just listen to the comments from the adults and the excitement and constant questions from the children.

Damien Parker, the park’s manager, says, “It is clear that there are those that have strong opinions on us keeping caged birds,” but I imagine that all those delightful little birds were born there, it is their home, it is what they are used to and they appear to be very well cared for.

If this £3 million revamp does go ahead, I do hope St Edmundsbury Borough Council will very seriously consider keeping the aviary even if it means being removed to another part of the gardens.

At the same time how about re-instating the band stand?

Janet Munro

Marina Road


 I sometimes wonder if the council and its working groups ever venture down from the Olympian heights of West Suffolk House to view the town at the same level as us lesser mortals, or do they simply see it as a cross between Legoland and a Monopoly board to play


We now have the mouth-watering prospect of the centuries-old peaceful Abbey Gardens treated to a Disneyland makeover by the same people that brought us the arc.

One of the joys of living in town is Sunday mornings wandering through the gardens, sitting looking over the bowling green, and the cathedral tower behind it, watching grown men chase after their bowls.

Now all is in jeopardy: The green needs to be removed to allow greater access to the ruins! From my observations, it is some distance from any ruins and I have yet to be trampled over by hordes of people swarming to inspect them.

The green is ‘under-used’ – one of those meaningless words used to justify a multitude of bad decisions.

The pleasant garden tearooms were ‘under-used’, even though it always

appeared busy with customers. The property was closed and sold off.

The Manor House Museum was ‘under-used’, left to quietly fade away and sold off.

I anticipate the announcement of a ‘consultation’ followed by lots of concrete.

Keith Chapman,

Church Row,

Bury St Edmunds.