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Being a driving instructor is generally a pleasant and rewarding occupation and the Bury St Edmunds area lends itself perfectly to the task with its variety of road types, from rural single track roads, to a busy urban environment and a dual-carriageway bisecting the town.

Learning to drive is one of life’s great challenges and for most, the sudden realisation that there is quite a bit more to driving a car than they first thought.

However, with the guidance of a good instructor by their side to de-mystify double-mini roundabouts and the like, the process is generally enjoyable and the privilege of a full driving licence is achieved.

During this time though, learner drivers have to make the transition from being told what to do at a given situation, to processing the information around them for themselves to decide if it is safe to proceed, and therefore develop their independence as a driver.

For some, this can be quite a stressful time and sometimes result in hesitancy while they get the car ready to move away, perhaps at a busy roundabout, which inevitably can cause a slight hold up to any other traffic behind, especially if they try to rush things and stall the engine.

At such times it would be nice to think that other drivers behind would show a little patience and give the learner driver in front of them a bit more space and time to take a deep breath and sort things out, before moving away and learning from their experience, after all, we were all learners once !

Sadly these days this is rarely the case. It is more often the norm to see other drivers waving gestures of displeasure and anger, sounding their horns, overtaking the learner doing 30mph in a 30mph limit, driving around them on to an area clearly marked ‘Keep Clear’ etc, etc, etc.

Drivers of Bury St Edmunds, please, please, please show a little patience and respect to those learning to drive. Remember your lessons and the feelings you experienced when things went wrong. It may be someone actually taking their driving test and your actions might put them under extra pressure and cause them to fail.

Aggressive driving behaviour has no place on our roads and especially not towards those with L plates.

Ian Palmer,

A-Grade Driver Training Solutions,