Plans will not cut list

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I’ve attended two town meetings about Vision 2031.

Of the 6,000 new homes planned for Bury, only 1,800 will be allocated for social/affordable housing. According to the council, there’s a waiting list of over 2,000 names now. The new houses will be built over the next 20 years. The waiting list will continue to grow in that time. The number of new social housing units won’t. The majority of the new homes (4,200) will be for those who can afford to pay for three-four bedroom energy efficient homes. People who are already well up the housing ladder in other words. Those houses will undoubtedly cost £300,000 or thereabouts; beyond the buying power of most young Bury couples with a family.

This is one of the reasons why so many people in Bury are against the council’s so-called vision. They sell the idea to us as a means of solving the need for housing for the young, just starting out in life. It won’t give houses to the very people (like Tiffany Warner, Letters May 11). It will give houses to the more affluent, probably folk coming in to Bury from other areas. Please don’t perceive the idea of the petition against these new homes as nimbyism. We are singing from the same hymn sheet.

In the same vein, the report of Cllr Nettleton saying those against the plan are ‘stopping people getting on the property ladder’ couldn’t be further from the truth. Some 900 new homes are planned in a field outside Fornham All Saints. Only 270 of them will be social housing. How far is that going to go to reduce the waiting list Tiffany is on? Not very far at all. It’s an easy option for the council to cite self-interest or protecting your own backyard as the motivation for resisting their ill-conceived plans. That tactic just diverts attention from the core issue; the figures don’t add up, and the town can’t stand an increase in population of some 30 per cent on current numbers.

Elizabeth A Hodder,

Fornham All Saints.