Plans have little support

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I read with interest a news item which referred to two planning applications made by Pigeon planning consultants Bury Free Press, January 6).

As a resident of Risby I have followed this planning application very closely and I would suggest that elements of the report were misleading. Both applications are described as outline applications when, in fact, the application for the pre-school and the site access is a full application. Also, the article states that,‘the project will see 25 two-bedroom homes’, although the application documents indicate a range of sizes will be proposed, with most being much larger than two-bedroom properties.

However, my gravest concern is that the report suggests that the village of Risby is supportive of the project. This was most definitely not the evidence from a well-attended public meeting recently which saw an overwhelming consensus that this development would not be good for Risby. The village’s recent Parish Plan showed that although there was majority support for new development in the village, there was a very strong preference for any development to be in groups of five houses or less. I am convinced that a proposal for 25 new homes to be built on one site in the village has very little local support whatsoever.

Julian Read,