Out of the frying pan?

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The letter ‘Policy makes no sense’ (Bury Free Press, December 23) highlights some of the issues that the remaining middle schools in Suffolk are having to face up to.

The local middle school here, Blackbourne, missed the 74 per cent national average by just one per cent,the fact that this was achieved with a Suffolk County Council (SCC) axe poised over it is hardly conducive to encouraging good results, however I wonder what is the reason for going on 50 of the approximately 110 two-tier primaries that achieved less success than Blackbourne did.

Looking at this year’s results, recently published, one wonders whether we are about to jump from frying pan into the fire as there appears to be no guarantee that switching to two-tier will improve results. The Blackbourne results this year appear to be better even than last year’s county two-tier average results!

I await the results of the recent Thurston area consultation with interest – has this been the token exercise that many suspect or will the county actually listen and react to what has been said by many of those responding?

Jim Thorndyke,

Fordhams Close,