Lottery bid secrecy

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Hang on a minute – isn’t it our borough council which claims to be open and transparent?

So why all the secrecy surrounding the exact content of the bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (Parks for People initiative) for funding to make changes to our Abbey Gardens?

Consultation with the 36,000 people who live in Bury and immediate surrounds has been minimal and largely slanted towards an older and certain type of resident, often living close by. No wonder rumours abound that many of the recommendations are just expensive changes for change’s sake, supported by an elitist minority, providing no real benefit and reducing the enjoyment for many families.

It seems devious not to allow people to see and make comments on the final bid before submission. Now anyone who has concerns and writes to the Lottery assessors will no doubt be accused by council of trying to ‘scupper the bid’ rather than improve the recommendations – especially for families.

The Lottery scheme runs until 2019 with two opportunities per year to submit a bid, so why all the rush? Let’s get it right.

Simon Harding,

Church Walks,

Bury St Edmunds.