It’s not your water . . .

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I read an article Bury Free Press, Friday, April 13) which involved comments from a spokesperson from Anglian Water commenting on the drought situation.

There is no doubt in my mind that Anglian Water is looking hard at its options to ensure that there is water in my tap for years to come.

Their wastage rate through leakage is by far lower than many other authorities though whilst still very frustrating, it will take decades to reinstall the water pipes.

I completely understand the need for various agencies to monitor and give permission for farmers and others to draw from boreholes.

However, when the idea of the Anglian Water drawing from the boreholes of others who may be using the same aquifer was considered, the spokesperson commented that they ‘do not wish to buy back our own water’.

I completely agree there is no point in buying water from the same borehole drawing from an aquifer as an Anglain Water source but the idea that the water belongs to Anglian Water is wretched to say the least. It is everyone’s water. If that attitude is to be adopted, those who own or rent properties, land or farms would have a case of selling the water on to Anglian Water that has seeped through their land into the aquifers?

Looking at my last bill I paid more for sewerage than I did for water supply. Understandable. But please Anglian Water, think before you speak.

Mark Oliver,

Beard Road,

Bury St Edmunds.