Hospital’s care of my wife was diabolical

Exterior of the west suffolk hospital
Exterior of the west suffolk hospital
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I see many letters in your publication praising the work of West Suffolk Hospital (WSH), but never one of criticism. My poor late wife was first diagnosed with breast cancer in early 1999 and finally passed away in late 2011, with the cancer having spread by then to most of her organs.
During the last 18 days of her life, the treatment she received from WSH was absolutely diabolical, particularly from the oncology and A&E departments. We did not even know, because we were not told, that she was dying until a few hours before she passed away and it was too late to say goodbye. Following a formal complaint from me, all the hospital has done is promise a few very minor changes, but they fell short of the apology I requested. Perhaps they thought I was after compensation, which was not the case.
I do so hope ours was an isolated case, but I fear not. Having more people come forward is the only way we are going to get the sort of treatment our dying loved ones deserve and are entitled to.

I wish now that my wife had been a more demanding patient, rather than the quiet one she was. She might then have received better treatment.

John Stebbing, St Mary’s Close, Mildenhall