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Craig Dearden-Phillips raises concerns about the mismatch between Vision 2031 for Bury St Edmunds and the creaking road infrastructure (Letters, March 9).

The south east of Bury is not the only area where the Vision 2031 plans seem questionable. The narrow streets and pavements in the King’s Road area are already struggling to cope with the pressure of traffic and the demand for parking spaces. The plan to build an extra 60 homes behind the old Hanchets stone yard would place a huge burden on nearby streets, especially where the site meets King’s Road at the top of Victoria Street.

Building has been tried here before. Terraced houses were built in Jacqueline Close in the late 1960s but they collapsed into old mine workings up to nine metres deep. Various attempts have been made to fill in the holes with concrete and fly ash, but the area remains unsafe and is fenced off. The full extent of the mine is not known, but old underground workings criss-cross both the Jacqueline Close site and the site of the old hospital behind Mill Road. A further 45 new homes are planned for the old hospital site. Both sites could be accessed from Mill Road, but it is difficult to see this steep, narrow street as a viable thoroughfare. The only other possible access to the combined development would seem to be via Hospital Road which is already affected by problems with the Spread Eagle junction.

Chris Lale,

Queen’s Road,

Bury St Edmunds.