Heavy price for introducing parking charges

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I WAS not surprised to see the car park at Nowton Park empty after the contradictory move by our borough council in building a new cafe etc there and then charging for car parking.

Do the players and supporters of sporting activities at this venue also have to pay to park?

If this policy is to persist, we might as well shut the park and build much needed housing on it.

The only reason people are prepared to pay for parking at Hardwick Park, is because there is insufficient space available at the hospital.

Roy Day,

Park Road,

Bury St Edmunds.

It seems to me that whatever activity you wish to undertake in Bury, you will be paying more for the privilege of going by car than even the price of the petrol that is needed to get you there. I thought Bury was a town that needed to attract customers to use the shopping facilities, to attend The Apex, to go to the theatre, or simply to eat out in one of the many restaurants in the town. Whether you go to the town during the day or in the evening, you fork out to leave your car in one of the car parks. Even to go to the local parks at West Stow or Nowton to enjoy the countryside and the delights of the walks and the history, you now need to pay to park.

What about the sportsmen who have to park close to their pitch facilities at Nowton and already pay a heavy price for the pleasure of doing so? The ugly yellow lines that ruin the Nowton road has, in addition, taken away the pleasure of going to fringes of Bury to experience these delightful parks.

I feel for those who offer the facilities at Nowton, I feel for those who organise the events put on at West Stow park. St Edmundsbury Borough Council is risking the future of the town and its many delights, that can no longer be enjoyed freely by tourists or local residents.

John Grinham,

Pound Meadow,

Fornham All Saints.

Our budget consultation last year showed that people value our parks and park rangers very highly. They cost £1.8 million a year to run, paid for by all Council Tax payers whether they use them or not. Our parks are exceptional, they have won several green flag awards and we know they attract visitors from far and wide.

In the same budget consultation our residents expressed a preference that the user pays and we know that many of our parks visitors come from outside the borough.

The money collected from car parking helps us provide all the enhanced sports and visitor facilities and at £15, a Nowton Park car park season ticket is just 30p a week for regular users.

Cllr Sara Mildmay White,

St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

I cannot be the only person appalled at the application of double yellow lines both sides of the road along Nowton Park Road, formerly one of the prettiest roads out of the town. It was only when I read about the introduction of car parking charges within the park it all became clear. As I have never seen anyone parking along this road before, the yellow lines have obviously been done to stop people parking outside the park. Now, even residents and their visitors cannot park outside their own homes. It is obvious to me the new car parking charges within the park will just lead to some people parking along side roads, a headache for people who actually live near the park. In my opinion, the only bright yellow I’d like to see around Nowton Park are the daffodils!

Mrs P Harber,