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IN RESPONSE his letter concerning a bandstand in the Abbey Gardens (Bury Free Press, January 27), may I remind Mr Harding and all readers of the Bury Free Press, that the meeting in The Athenaeum on February 8 is a general meeting of the Abbey Gardens Friends and not of the borough council.

Perhaps I may clarify the role of the friends. Our aim is to promote and enhance the gardens for the benefit of the resident community and visitors to Bury and we do this by relatively simple means.

The friends of the gardens are either volunteers from within our own community who work on straightforward tasks in the gardens such as gardening and litter picking and/or they may, by subscription, be a support friend who is not actively involved but wishes to see the gardens flourish for the enjoyment they bring us all. We are not policymakers, nor are we a lobby group. For details of the role and work of the friends, visit

We would be pleased to welcome you as a member of our group.

Margaret Wilkin,

Acting secretary, Abbey Gardens Friends.

n I thought Count Arthur Strong wasn’t due to come to town until March, at The Apex.

Reading the somewhat confused letter from Mr Harding, I thought he might have come to town early.

It appeared to be a diatribe which started as a complaint against hiring consultants, turned into indignation that Bury St Edmunds should be competing with much more needy areas for funding, but decided that if any money was available then it should be spent on his pet project.

I’m sure a bandstand would be welcomed by teenagers as somewhere to huddle. Someone might even bring a guitar. There is not much else to do if you don’t have much money in the summer holidays.

Diana Banks,

Bronyon Close,

Bury St Edmunds.