Fines are unfair

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On Tuesday, February 24, I purchased a ticket, in the St Andrew’s North car park, in Bury St Edmunds, at 9.44am for two hours. I returned at 10.45 am to find I had a parking ticket, despite the fact that I still had 45 minutes left. It seems that when I placed the ticket on the dashboard it was blown to a new postion when the door was open and landed upside down.

I went up to the borough offices but it seems as though the fine sticks. I can appeal, but if anyone does, and loses, the full undiscounted amount of £70 would be payable.

It’s time this unfairness was finished – we pay enough in charges as it is.

D Crysell,


 Continuing on the theme of car parking charges.I also think it is wrong to charge on Sundays and in the evenings.

And what with charges to park outside your house, St Edmundsbury Borough Council wants people to pay for all amenities. It is becoming a bit like Ryanair.

If they want to attract more people, they ought to charge less.

Trevor Watkin,

York Close,

Bury St Edmunds.