Evidence for green energy

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Mr Sutton’s letter is high on assertion but low on fact and expert opinion (Letters, February 21).

The Met Office contradicts his climate change scepticism: “While there are noticeable highs and lows in year to year data, over longer periods of time there is a discernible warming trend across the globe. Natural causes can explain only a small part of this warming. The overwhelming majority of scientists agree that this is due to rising concentrations of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere caused by human activities.”

Lord Turner, chairman of the government’s Committee on Climate Change contradicts his assertion about wind power being inefficient: “Wind works. The idea that it is so intermittent that it is not beneficial, that is rubbish. There are countries getting large amounts of energy from wind.”

The Department of Energy and Climate Change contradicts his assertion of huge increases in bills and point out that green policies add £20 to the average domestic fuel bill each year. Even if the increase was double that in 10 years time it will still be money well invested because we will be less reliant on the ever-rising cost of fossils fuels such as gas.

Mr Sutton is on stronger ground when he complains about large energy companies making profits.

In Germany most wind turbines are owned by individuals and communities and this changes people’s attitudes.

Lord Turner has recently pointed out that where there is community ownership of energy assets, people’s aesthetic perceptions change and say, ‘that’s ours and I get some profit from it’, and ‘I rather like it’ instead of ‘I rather dislike it’.

The conclusion is that we need ‘renewables’ urgently and we need them to be decentralised and owned by local communities.

Christopher Bornett,