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I drive regularly from Barrow to Bury St Edmunds via Westley village. I cannot help noticing how many road warning signs there are in place when they should have been removed weeks ago.

There is a ‘Flood’ warning that has been there so long the grass almost obliterates the wording, there are two ‘No Road Marking ‘ signs where it is obvious to all the road markings have been painted and ‘Loose Chipping’ signs that have been there so long that tramlines have been grooved into the new surface. I can now understand why drivers become blasé and often do not heed these signs. This is the same Suffolk Council that would be knocking on my door within days if I had ‘forgotten’ to pay my Council Tax.

Sheila Reynolds,

The Green,


 I travel to work in Bury for three different shift times and no matter what the time of day or night I frequently encounter the same problem:

Traffic from Barton Road turning right into Hollow Road has little or no regard for traffic coming from Hollow Road heading down Eastgate Street. On numerous occasions I have had to stop suddenly and recently almost got ‘taken out’ completely. Whatever happened to ‘give way to traffic on your right’?

Name and address supplied.

 Last Saturday, my wife drove our car on the A14 to Cambridge to see our son. On the way home on the A14 at about 5pm I saw four men driving their cars while using their mobile phone.

How crazy – why is this still going on?

Brian Cash,

Bury St Edmunds.