Decision will hit villagers

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St Edmundsbury Borough Council sends out 2,000 questionnaires, how many reply? 900, less than half!

So what are the recommendation? Up the car park charges by 10 per cent. Well surprise. surprise. How many of those 2,000 questionnaires were sent to houses on a regular bus route? Of course they won’t mind increased charges as it won’t affect them over-much. Why not try asking some of us living in the country villages who have just a few buses a day into town. We have to use the car to get into Bury for work or shopping.

If the council keeps putting up the cost of parking, it will eventually kill off the town centre. Have they not seen the main car parks on Wednesday and Saturday, traditionally the busy market days? It used to be almost impossible to get a space but now there are spaces everywhere.

Blue Badge holders having to pay to park in ‘off street’ parking is, I feel, as low as the council can get. I think this idea should be scrapped and, no I am not a Blue Badge holder.

Tom Wood,

Boyden Close,