Dazzling . . . and dim

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DRIVERS in and around the Bury St Edmunds area seem to drift from the dazzling to the dim.

It may be because of the cost of repairs or replacements but I have lost count of the number of motorists whose vehicle only has one headlight in fully working order, invariably having to use what used to be called the parking light instead of a dipped beam.

I seem to remember being told years ago that these drivers were referred to as ‘one-eyed Jacks’.

It’s dangerous and illegal and occasionally difficult to see if it is a car or a motor-bike approaching.

The dazzling are a different experience.

While my eyesight may have got worse with age, I am sure modern car headlights seem extra bright and the dipped beams are the same strength as headlights used to be years ago.

I am regularly flashing oncoming cars, only for them to show that their beams are dipped by showing off their ultra-bright lights.

And, finally, a message for those using some of the narrow roads around Bury when it is more difficult to overtake in the dark.

Please do not come up too close behind my car as your beams are quite dazzling, shining on my interior mirror.

I have enough coping with the beams of oncoming cars, without you adding to my headache-making journey.

I wonder if any more of your readers have similar experiences with the lights of cars.

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