Criticism is unfair

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I READ with some interest, the comments made by one of our local MPs (Bury Free Press, December 30).

Well, Mr Ruffley, congratulations for once again taking a cheap shot at the emergency services from the comfort and safety of your ministerial seat.

I just love your firm stance in relation to an already overstretched public service by saying ‘I shall be pressing for next year’s statistics to show a marked improvement’.

What is even more worrying is that he fails to appreciate that making severe cuts to public services (which includes the East of England Ambulance Service) will undoubtedly bring about a reduction in the service they can provide.

Take 20 per cent of the fuel out of your car and see just how far it will go Mr Ruffley, but ensure you take a phone with you as you will need to call someone for a lift.

So, rather than knocking one of the emergency services that has to pick up the pieces, you would do better to question what more you could be doing, rather than trying to score cheap popularity points with political spin.

It does nothing but demonstrate just how out of touch the Government is with the reality of life UK 2012.

A R Finbow,

Horseshoe Rise,