Channels are lost

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CAN anyone throw any light on the disappearing television channels? I live halfway between Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury, therefore quite near to the Sudbury transmitter.

When analogue and digital were being transmitted simultaneously, I could get all the digital channels. However, since the so called switchover, I find I can only get about half of them.

I am aware that people over a wide area are suffering the same problem.

It had been stated that many of the channels transmitted from Sudbury, are on very low power, but I read that a man who can see the transmitter from his window, also has the same problem.

This surely is not good enough?

Digital was marketed as an improvement and, although I can still get all the BBC channels (with the notable exception of HD), having just paid the exorbitant licence fee, I feel I should not be cheated out of the others.

I have also been told that I should get a wideband aerial, but why is that extra expense being foisted on us? I could get all the channels before, so the fault is not at my end.

John Shayer