Buses already subsidised

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Am I to believe that Neville Lewis expects me as a car owner to pay a levy of £2 a week then not use my car in Bury but to use a bus which may or may not be free? (Letters, February 24)

There are numerous bus stops without any shelters and many areas of estates are not covered by a bus service, anyway. Am I missing something? The taxpayer already subsidises bus fares. It would take me 45 minutes to get to work by bus,15 minutes by car. If fewer people used cars, the Government would receive less tax and the council less car parking revenue so non car owners would have to pay more tax to make up the shortfall. Car ownership provides jobs in manufacture, servicing and repairs thereby putting tax into the government coffers – fewer cars, fewer jobs, less tax revenue etc.

Is the car really such a bad thing? It is poor traffic management and road systems that are the problem. Motorists pay billions in tax yet get a fraction back on roads and repairs. I will not be parking in Bury, anyway, due to the ludicrous proposed car parking increase. Yet again the council is using the motorist to prop up the Council Tax, while leaving nearly every light on all day and night at their plush supposedly environmentally friendly offices. Room for savings there I think.

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