Beware of thieves

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I was interested, but not at all surprised, to read of an ‘honesty box’ being targeted by thieves in Great Barton (Bury Free Press, January 20).

We live in a road with no through traffic but which is used by pedestrians going to and from the village centre.

For many years I put out a stall selling surplus fruit, vegetables and plants from our garden with the profit going to a local animal charity.

Not only was the money and produce stolen on numerous occasions, but once the table was stolen and the produce left behind. We then had a locked cash box screwed to an old trolley that I hoped would be too scruffy to steal and we brought it in to our secure garden every night, but still, the cash box was forced open and the small amount of money stolen.

Another annoying happening with a so called ‘honesty box’ is that purchasers often feel that it is acceptable to put in a lesser amount of money than the price asked for. They obviously feel that if they haven’t enough in their purse then it is alright to put in what they can – well, sorry, no it is not alright.

So, if you are tempted to sell surplus produce from the roadside beware, not everyone takes notice of the ‘honest’ in ‘honesty box’.

Maureen Johnson,