A waste of money

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All 6,000 plus Havebury tenants and leaseholders, recently received a leaflet asking their opinions on many really important items, including the make up of the Havebury board of directors.

This leaflet is so confusing and convoluted that many tenants, leaseholders and even tenants’ forum members, have binned it – what a waste of tenants’ money, the forms are full of of gobbledygook.

I have ascertained that the tenants’ forum was not privy to the questions. One has to ask why not?

I understand that some tenant board directors also found the questions confusing. One has to wonder if the board of directors was shown these questions – if not why not? Did they approve this poor survey? I have to ask what happened to plain English? I thought all such items had to be in plain English.

It’s pointless sending out thousands of questionnaires at such great expense if the respondents cannot fathom out the questions and give fair answers.

Not good enough Havebury, what a total waste of tenants’ money.

Tom Murray,

Howard Estate,

Bury St Edmunds.