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Breast cancer ' walk on the westside' at Ickworth House
Breast cancer ' walk on the westside' at Ickworth House
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On THURSDAY May 17, Suffolk Breakthrough held its seventh Walk on The Westside in Ickworth Park, to raise money and awareness for Breatkhrough Breast Cancer.

I’d like to thank everyone on behalf of the Suffolk Breakthrough team who supported the walk raising, just under £4,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer – especially our sponsor, Denny Bros Ltd, which made an incredible donation of £1,000. Denny Bros sponsorship enables us to ensure that all the money raised at the walk goes straight to Breakthrough.

Finding sponsors for any event, particularly in the current economic climate, is hard and we are so grateful to Denny Bros.

Special thanks to employees Amanda and Nicola, who came on the walk for the second year and for raising a further amount in sponsorship for the charity.

My second thank you goes to all the local businesses who supported our magnificent raffle. The walk raffle is always the highlight of the day and the majority of prizes are donated by local shops and businesses. I am so aware of the constant requests you receive almost daily to support events and am always overwhelmed by your generosity – thank you.

The National Trust and The Ickworth Hotel provide us with such a fantastic setting for the walk and then provide the most lovely food to refuel us all with at the end of the long 11 miles – thank you.

Each year our walk goes a little ‘pinker’ and this year a special thank you to Dave at Dance Crazy, a constant supporter of Suffolk Breakthrough, who donated and delivered, yet again, all the helium balloons to create the perfect backdrop to our lunch and raffle.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Bury Free Press for so brilliantly highlighting Suffolk Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the fun events we do.

Finally, the biggest thank you must go to all the walkers, without you there would be no Walk on The Westside. Every year the walk gets pinker, the costumes more outrageous and the atmosphere more special – thank you and here’s to next year.

Should you be tempted to come and join us, please go to www.suffolkbreakthroughevents.co.uk for further information of Suffolk Breakthrough and how you can get involved.

Bonk Tasker,

Suffolk Breakthrough Breast Cancer.