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On Tuesday, June 5, Whiting Street residents celebrated the Diamond Jubilee by kind permission of Robert Blandly in his large and beautiful garden. A great afternoon of tea, food and fizz was enjoyed by 80 people and £187 was raised for the children’s hospice from a splendid raffle and kind donations.

A very big thank you to everyone who contributed so generously.

Caroline Barry and Elizabeth Barber-Lomax,

Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds.

 Can I thank everyone who assisted in providing the Jubilee Picnic at the Howard Primary School on Wednesday, June 6 – an event enjoyed by hundreds of people of all ages. In particular I would like to thank Dawn Goss, from the council for organising the event, and our county councillors Stefan Oliver and Mark Ereira-Guyer for providing some funding from their Locality Budget.

Ernie Broom, chairman of Heart.

 I would like to say a big Thank You to the very kind vendors of hot drinks at the Cancer Research’s Race for Life in Nowton Park on Sunday.

I was so wet and cold at the end of the race that I went to buy a hot chocolate. However, all that I had was a £2 coin and the hot chocolate cost £2.20. On hearing my plight, the vendors both said: “Have what you like in this weather!” Exit one very happy and much warmer customer with my faith in human nature much restored.

Christine A Stainer, Felsham Road,

Bradfield St George.

 My husband and I were having a meal in a restaurant in Bury on Jubilee Tuesday when my husband suddenly lost consciousness.

A lady who came to our table said she was a nurse and brought him round, then he went again and she again revived him. In the meantime, the restaurant manager was on the phone for an ambulance, which arrived in no time.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the name of the nurse but I will be forever grateful to her and the manager and staff of the restaurant could not have been kinder to me. Also, to have such a marvelous ambulance service from the West Suffolk Hospital makes me feel privileged to live in Suffolk.

Carol Pattle, Hopton.

 Now that the weekend of Jubilee celebrations are over, I would, on behalf on Culford, West Stow and Wordwell Parish Council, like to thank all those who attended the event in the Culford School grounds on Monday the 4th.

The turnout was most satisfying, and great, everybody of all ages mixing together and apparently really enjoying themselves.

Sorry about the cold weather, I got the rain to stay away, but the cold – no.

Bruce Murdoch, chairman, Picnic in Culford Park