Young Thetford woman makes false suicide threat to police

Court report
Court report
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A mentally ill young woman from Thetford called police and falsely implied she was going to commit suicide, a court has heard.

Emily Lauren Chatters, 20, made a call to Norfolk Police from a telephone kiosk in Winchester Way, in Thetford. at around 6.10pm on Monday.

Ian Devine, prosecuting, said she impersonated another woman during the call, and the communications officer who answered it said she sounded ‘distressed’.

She then told police that Emily Chatters had told her, ‘This is the end’, before revealing a handful of tablets.

Mr Devine said police rushed to the area to find her fit and well, but suspected her of making the call. This was corroborated by another person at the scene and she was subsequently arrested.

Chatters, of Coventry Way, Thetford, pleaded guilty to the wasteful employment of police at West Suffolk Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

In mitigation, Paul Booty said: “Miss Chatters has exploded with her problems in the latter half of this year and is having some problem coping with something.”

She was conditionally discharged for 12 months and advised to continue meeting with her healthcare team.