Young mum’s solution is a council house

Violet Bussey and her daughter Lacie
Violet Bussey and her daughter Lacie
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A young mother living in temporary accommodation has criticised the council for not doing more to find her family a permanent home.

Violet Bussey, 20, and her 23-year-old partner, who did not wish to be named, fell into rent arrears and were evicted last year from the Lakenheath house they had rented privately for a period of seven months.

They moved in with Violet’s aunt in Red Lodge for four months and then with her partner’s mother in Ely for a further six months before declaring themselves homeless and asking Forest Heath District Council for help.

The couple, who have a nine-month-old daughter, say the council rehoused them temporarily three times and tried to put them in a hostel, which they deemed ‘unsuitable’, before giving them an apartment in Brandon, where they have stayed for more than two weeks.

But they are concerned about the uncertainty of their living situation and want something permanent – a council house.

Violet said: “My child’s nine-months-old and she’s up all night because of the house moving situation.

“She’s not had a settled home and it’s not fair on her.

“It’s getting too much and me and my partner are rowing every day – it’s just one thing after another.”

As she is a carer on a zero-hours contract and her partner is a self-employed builder, Violet says they are unable to afford to rent privately.

“A council house wouldn’t be as expensive so we’d be able to afford that,” she said.

While unable to comment on an individual case, a spokeswoman for the borough council said: “We follow the guidance set out in Section 188 of the Housing Act 1996 and Homelessness Code of Guidance.

“We recognise that emergency accommodation is not suitable long term for vulnerable people and we would work hard with any applicant to find more suitable accommodation while we assess their application for housing.”