You’ve fed them in the park, now try squirrel meat - Elveden butchery’s new delicacy

Squirrel is on the menu at Elveden Estate
Squirrel is on the menu at Elveden Estate
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The butchery at the Elveden Estate is serving up an interesting alternative to rabbit meat - squirrel.

The new addition to the menu is already proving popular and when five were on sale last week, they sold out within 24 hours.

Richard Howard, food shop manager, said: “Squirrel from Elveden is wild, nutritious and has virtually zero food miles, coming straight from the estate itself, making for a highly ethical mix.”

It follows an increased demand for game from the estate butchers and a national decrease in rabbit numbers. As a result, bosses at Elveden are restricting the numbers of rabbits shot every month to ensure the animals flourish.

James Holliday, forestry and conservation manager at the estate, said: “Rabbits are no longer breeding ‘like rabbits’.

“Nationally, numbers have been in decline over the past few years and have now reached such low numbers we are limiting the number killed in order to maintain a sustainable population.”