Worlington residents left isolated in communication blackspot

Nick Foster
Nick Foster
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Residents have been left in a communication blackspot after four months of requests have failed to see properties connected to phone and internet services.

Nick Foster, 27, moved into his new-build home in Old Bridge Close, Worlington, in July. There are six homes in the close and Mr Foster said none had been connected to phone lines.

He said: “You can’t even get mobile phone signal some days right here and the land line is quite important – a lot of people have young kids. Not to mention the phone bill, my bill jumped from £40 to £80 a month.”

After moving into their new property Mr Foster and his partner contacted their service provider who informed them they were not connected. Mr Foster said that in September BT Openreach put telegraph poles up outside the close, however homes were not connected and wires were left hanging from the posts.

His provider, Sky, has been in contact with the company, however he said that despite numerous requests the necessary work had not been completed and he remains without a phone or internet connection.

Mr Foster said: “You do not realise how much you rely on the internet until you have not got it – paying bills, checking bank accounts, buying Christmas presents.

“With my partner not driving she orders the food shopping online – we’ve not been able to do anything.”

Louise Ashby, 28, moved to Old Bridge Close with her partner in August.

She said they had been in contact with their provider, Talk Talk, who had in turn contacted BT Openreach but they had not been told when the work would be completed.

She said the situation left her feeling ‘very isolated’.

A spokesperson for BT said the company was urgently investigating the situation.