Women left ‘scared’ after internet scam

EDIT of Mildenhall police impersonator
EDIT of Mildenhall police impersonator
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A PREGNANT woman was left scared and angry after a man impersonating a police officer came to her home and ordered her to pay a £100 fine.

Police have released an e-fit of the man who visited the 20-year-old’s house after she refused to pay a £100 fine that appeared on a computer pop-up claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police.

The pop-up, which locked the victim’s computer, said that illegal material had been downloaded through her router.

After she called the number listed on the pop-up and refused to pay the fine, a man claiming to be a police officer visited her home in Woodlands Way.

She said: “I do not know how the English cops do things, so I thought it was normal.

“The guy came to my door in what looked like a police outfit with a couple of pieces of paper with porn sites listed.”

The victim said the man told her that he had brought proof and after she again refused to pay the fine, he told her that all her computers could be confiscated.

After paying the fine through the ‘Paysafe’ the victim reported the incident to police, who blocked the payment.

She said: “The fact they had our address scared me – now when I leave the house I look to see if there’s any unknown cars or, if people come over, I look out all my windows and do not let anybody come in unless my husband is here.”

Suffolk Police are urging residents to always ask for ID and reminding them that no police force would lock a personal computer or ask for payment of fines through online vouchers such as ‘Ukash’ or ‘Paysafe’.

Anyone with information should call Det con Sarah Shepperson on 101.