Woman’s desperate search for Bury St Edmunds sister

Geoffrey Miller
Geoffrey Miller
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A woman is desperately searching for her long lost sister who she hopes is still living in Bury St Edmunds.

Jacqui Miller’s sister, Lisa, would now be in her early 40s and may still live in Bury as she used to reside in Oliver Road.

The sisters’ father, Geoffrey Earnest Miller, lived with Lisa’s mother, Vivien, towards the end of his life.

Jacqui said: “My dad and Vivien were not married as my mum, a Catholic, refused to divorce him and, given his poor state of health when they met, I have always admired the fact that, because my dad said he would like to leave her with something, she had Lisa.”

Geoffrey, who used to run Woolpit’s fish and chip shop, died at West Suffolk General Hospital, Bury, shortly after Lisa was born.

Jacqui said: “There were a lot of family difficulties at the time but I spent a lot of time looking after Lisa just after she was born and helping Vivien through the grieving process when my dad died.

“I left Bury when I was 20 but did go back to see Lisa and Vivien again. However, when I found out that Vivien had moved on with her life I decided not to keep in contact.

“At 19/20 it was difficult to deal with but I have always wondered where Lisa is and wanted to have the opportunity to tell her a lot more about her biological father and to get to know her as my sister.”

Jacqui said she had tried ‘lots of different avenues to find Lisa’ and hoped she or someone she knows will email jakes52china@yahoo.co.uk