Woman forced on to road by bad pavements

Bury St Edmunds-Jenny Gough uses a mobility scooter and has to go onto the road where a pavement has been damaged by a tree root. She says she is worried that a car will come round the corner and hit her. 'Picture Mark Westley

A disabled pensioner fears for her safety after a ‘dangerous’ pavement forced her to use her mobility scooter on the road.

Jennifer Gough, 78, feels ‘terrified’ of being hit by oncoming traffic when she makes her way to the Davers Court Day Centre on Shakers Lane, where an overgrown and crumbling pavement means her scooter is at risk of toppling over.

Mrs Gough and Suffolk county councillor Trevor Beckwith have campaigned for the pavement to be repaired since August last year but their efforts have been to no avail, with Suffolk County Council saying it doesn’t meet the intervention criteria.

Following a front page story in the Bury Free Press two weeks ago about another pensioner who tripped on a damaged pavement and hit her face, Mrs Gough is urging the council to commit to pavement and road repairs to prevent other injuries.

“It’s very dangerous and I’m not happy about it. I have to go quite far out on to the road which I don’t like doing because I’m terrified a car is going to come fast round the corner and hit me,” said Mrs Gough, of Cotton Lane, Bury.

She also said that it is not just those using mobility scooters who are in danger. She has had to buy her husband, who has dementia, a walking stick as he has tripped three times this year, leaving him with bruised ribs.

Councillor Beckwith said: “I don’t get the council’s thinking at all. This is not a small pothole we’re trying to avoid. It’s someone in a mobility scooter who already feels vulnerable and who shouldn’t have to worry about being hit by a car on her way to the day centre. I think the decision makers should put themselves in a vulnerable person’s position and think again.”

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said: “No work is due to be carried out on the pavement just now. However, the pavement is going to be monitored by an engineer and if its condition deteriorates, work will be done.”

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