Woman finds US serviceman for mum’s 90th birthday dance after BFP appeal

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A Bury St Edmunds woman has found an American serviceman to help her mum celebrate her 90th birthday following an appeal through the Bury Free Press.

Janet Simpson wants to recreate a special memory for her mum Peggy Thatcher, of Stanton, who remembers being asked for a dance by an American serviceman in London during the Second World War.

She appealed for a US serviceman to attend her mum’s 90th birthday party in uniform at The Grange Hotel, in Thurston on April 9.

They would ask her mum for a dance to a Glenn Miller track.

Miss Simpson, of Bury, said: “She remembers a serviceman asking her for a dance and she said it was just magical.”

Following an appeal on the Bury Free Press website yesterday, she has now found a serviceman and thanked everyone for their help.

Miss Simpson added: “Thank you to everyone - it’s made my day and will make her year.”