Woman convicted of death by careless driving

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A woman who claimed her visability was cut by a sudden deluge of water has been convicted of causing a crash in which a Needham Market pensioner suffered fatal injuries.

Alison Roberts, a 52-year-old pharmacy technician of Lower Farm Road, Ringshall had denied causing death by careless driving but was yesterday found guilty by a jury at Ipswich Crown Court.

The court had heard how Mary Dann, 73, had been a passenger in a car being driven by her husband John as they drove along the B1078 Barking Road, Needham Market, on the afternoon of July 19 last year.

Giving evidence, Mr Dann, 78, said that as he and his wife travelled home after visiting a friend in a residential home, two cars and a lorry were driving in the opposite direction.

Mr Dann said one of the cars had then pulled out across the central white line and into his path.

It had been impossible to avoid a collision which resulted in Mrs Dann suffering serious injuries.

It was his opinion that the car was attempting to overtake the lorry, said Mr Dann.

The court heard that Mrs Dann was taken to Ipswich hospital where she remained in intensive care for three weeks before being allowed home.

However, on October 9 Mrs Dann was readmitted to hospital where she died on December 29.

Doctors concluded that the cause of Mrs Dann’s death had been delayed consequences of the injuries she had suffered in the collision five months earlier.

Roberts told the jury that her visibility had been affected by a sudden deluge of water.

She was unsure whether it was rain or had been splashed up from the road surface.

Describing that she had only a “hazy” recollection of what happened, Roberts said: “It was very sudden. Not being able to see and then bang.”

Roberts denied that she had been trying to overtake the lorry.

After the jury returned a guilty verdict, Judge Rupert Overbury told Roberts that she would continue to be granted bail until she is sentenced in October.