Withdrawal of prescription gluten-free products in West Suffolk

A pharmacy that offers a prescription service
A pharmacy that offers a prescription service
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Gluten-free products currently available on prescription for people aged 19 years and over are being withdrawn in West Suffolk from February 1.

The cost of such products for the NHS is thousands of pounds, which will be used to pay for other NHS services.

People aged 18 years and younger will be limited to a maximum of eight units of pasta, bread and rolls or flour/bread mixes per month on prescription, equivalent to eight fresh or four long life loaves of bread and two 500g bags of pasta.

Dr Crawford Jamieson, a member of the governing body of NHS West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “People with coeliac disease of every age can enjoy a well-balanced diet and replace bread and pasta with other naturally gluten-free products such as potatoes, rice and some noodles.

“We know that people who are used to receiving gluten-free food on prescription will be disappointed however there are ever-increasing financial pressures on the NHS.”