Will Cupola House be rebuilt?

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SO far, there has been no word from OMC Investments Limited, the company that owns Cupola House.

And a spokeswoman from St Edmundsbury Borough Council has warned that there were no guarantees that the 17th century Grade I listed building will be rebuilt.

That is down to the owners and their insurers, time and money.

And any repair will take months if not years.

For the 42 businesses affected, the last of these should be up and running by early next week.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council said that nine businesses were being offered temporary premises to enable them to trade.

Discussions will also take place about rate reductions.

The businesses will be expected to claim off their own insurance for loss of trade as well as any smoke damage to stock.

Sahara has relocated its stock to Cornhill Walk where it will be assessed to see what is fit for sale.

Jonathan Lloyd, from Hazells, said the seven residents evacuated from their flats could be allowed home in two weeks if an alternative fire escape can be used.

Failing that it could take as long as six months. He also said the damage inside was minimal.

The fire service will remain on site into next week, until the fire in the basement is finally out.