Wildlife may die as drought hits

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TADPOLES may be the first victims of the hosepipe ban as garden ponds dry up, but wildlife experts say that is nature’s way.

Though you can top up a pond if its contains aquatic animals in captivity, doing it to save wildlife is illegal, except with a bucket.

An Anglian Water spokesman said: “Wildlife gets in there under its own steam and can leave under its own steam.”

That may sound ruthless but Suffolk Wildlife Trust chief executive Julian Roughton said that when the majority of tadpoles and baby amphibians get eaten, death by drought of a garden’s tadpoles is a sad fact of life.

“Mortality at that level isn’t going to be a massive impact on the population as a whole,” he said. “Topping up a pond is only going to take water from wetland elsewhere.”

He said spawn or tadpoles from drying ponds and could be kept in a fish tank so children could see frogs develop and release them to the wild.