Wife says thank you to hero pc

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A POLICE officer has been hailed as a ‘knight in shining armour’ after he helped a woman get treatment to her diabetic husband.

Andrew Craig, from Mildenhall, was out walking he and his wife Jane’s two dogs on April 26 when he became so disorientated that he thought he was dying.

Mr Craig, 48, an insulin-dependent diabetic, realised he was having a hypoglycaemic episode and phoned his wife.

However, the severity of the attack meant he did not know where he was.

Mrs Craig, 49, said: “I asked whereabouts he was, but he couldn’t tell me which woods he was in and he usually goes to three different ones.

“I kept him talking while I got in my car and drove round trying to find him. After about 10 minutes I saw a police car and flagged him down.”

The officer, Pc Paul Crouch, took Mrs Craig in his car and found Mr Craig five minutes later after getting him to walk towards a road.

Mrs Craig said her husband was ‘confused and unwell’ when they found him and Pc Crouch immediately requested an ambulance.

He then administered first aid until paramedics arrived.

Pc Crouch said: “It could have been worse – it would have been a nightmare trying to find him in the woods but he had enough nous to follow our directions to get to a road.”

Mrs Craig was unable to thank Pc Crouch afterwards as he was called to another incident.

But after writing to the Bury Free Press, Mrs Craig was reunited with the Mildenhall-based officer.

Mrs Craig, who has been married to Andrew for 22 years, said Pc Crouch was a ‘hero’.

“I dread to think what could have happened if he hadn’t been there.

“At one point my husband said he wanted to lie down because he thought he was dying and he wanted to say goodbye,” she said.