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Bury St Edmunds marketing expert Kim Morrison explains why social media matters to your business

By Kim Morrison

If you thought it was a fad, forget it! Social media is here to stay. It offers individuals and business owners alike a great deal of ability to get the word out about any event or happening. Most people use social media of some kind - and what’s more, they keep it close to them with their mobile devices always at the ready. People share everything on social media, from their baby’s first steps to more mundane things like what they’re eating for dinner tonight (not exactly compelling!).

Being online and using social media to promote your business offers you many benefits. Here are a few:

Brand Recognition

If you want people to recognise your brand, it’s important to develop a branded appearance that you use across all social media networks. Use the same logos, in different sizes, and stay true to your brand at all times. This consistently will make you instantly recognisable to your followers.

Kim Morrison (8002234)
Kim Morrison (8002234)

Slow Marketing Converts

When you provide information over a long period of time, your audience becomes accustomed to your message. Over time they develop trust, and after being exposed to you a few times they are more likely to place an order.

Improves Authority

When you often post a lot of accurate and helpful information, people start viewing you as an authority on the topic. Once you’re viewed as an authority, you will start making even more money because people will be waiting to hire you or buy your products.

Increases Brand Loyalty

The more people see your brand out there, the more loyal they will become toward what you offer. Your offerings should represent what your brand stands for and you’ll find that people become more loyal to you as you stick to what you know and believe in.

Increases Traffic to Your Website

Using social media to share and promote your blog posts and new products or services will increase the traffic to your website exponentially. One of the best ways to rank higher on search results is to be active on social media.

Is Inexpensive

Social media is not an expensive form of marketing. It can also be fun. Guard yourself from getting side tracked though. You do need to always be interactive and engaging with your followers. Remember, time is money. Automate what is not direct communication so you can get more done in less time.

Allows for Useful Consumer Engagement

Social media can let you engage with users in a very beneficial way. You can have deep conversations about many topics. Just remember to keep it professional and handle controversy carefully.

Works with Mobile Devices

Better than most websites and email, social media works effortlessly on mobile devices. Social media and mobile really go hand-in-hand. People take their devices everywhere, even to bed with them – you’ve never been closer to your audience than now.

If you’re not participating on social media then you need to change that right now. You don’t have to be everywhere; just find out where your audience hangs out and go there. Then, use that social network to your fullest ability.



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Shared Privacy-Focused Vision for Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg outlined his privacy-focused vision for Facebook last week. This privacy-focused platform will be built around several principles: Private interactions, Encryption, Reducing Permanence, Safety, Interoperability and Secure data storage.

Facebook Messenger Unlocks Hidden Dark Mode Feature: After testing it out for the last few months, Facebook is now rolling out its new 'Dark Mode' for Messenger - but they've hidden the function, Easter egg style, behind an in-app emoji trick. Follow the article link to find out how!

Facebook Outlines Ongoing Efforts to Connect the World, and Boost Platform Usage: Facebook recently provided an update on global connectivity efforts, outlining how it's aiming to connect the world.

Facebook Announces New Themed Stickers and Frames for Women's History Month: Facebook has launched some new, themed image tools to celebrate Women's History Month via your Facebook Stories.

Facebook Launches Legal Action Against Companies Selling Fake Followers and Likes: The days of those selling social media followers and engagement may be numbered, with Facebook launching legal action in the US Federal Court.

Facebook Announces 'Facebook Showcase' Premium Video Advertising Option: Facebook has announced a new program which will enable advertisers to maximize their reach through popular Facebook Watch programs.


Instagram's Working on New Sorting Options for Followers, Karaoke-Style Music Videos: Instagram is working on some new options which would enable you to sort your follower and following lists, and search through your likes.

Instagram's Working on a New Way for Brands to Expand Influencer Campaigns: At an event in New York, Instagram outlined a range of coming additions for influencers, including a new ad option.

Instagram Tests New Title Option for Instagram Live: Instagram's trying out a new option which will enable users to add titles to their Instagram Live videos


LinkedIn Adds New Tools for Job Seekers: LinkedIn has added some new tools to keep job seekers informed of newly advertised positions, and provide more context on desirable skills.

LinkedIn Adds New Salary Insights on Job Listings, Expands Availability of Salary info: LinkedIn is expanding access to its LinkedIn salary tool, providing more insight into what you can expect to earn in advertised positions.


Pinterest Introduces Catalogs and Expands Shopping Ads: Pinterest introduced a series of new tools and products to help brands sell their products directly on the platform. The company introduced Catalogs, which allows brands to upload their full product portfolios to Pinterest and easily turn each item uploaded into dynamic, shoppable product pins.

Pinterest Brings Full Automation to “Shop the Look”: Pinterest brought full automation to Shop the Look, a feature that helps users buy products from companies that work with Pinterest. Now Pinterest users can, for example, buy a pair of jeans they see in a pin.


Snapchat Launches Beta Test in Eight Different Languages: Snapchat is testing out new language compatibility as it seeks to expand its business horizons.


Twitter Debuts New Analytics Tool for Video Publishers: Twitter released Timing is Everything, a set of Publisher Insights tools within Media Studio that focus on the best time to publish video on the platform.

Twitter Tests New Reply Comment Moderation Tool: Twitter is developing a new feature that would let users hide replies to their tweets. The new Hide Tweet feature is available from a list of moderation choices that appear when you click the Share button on a tweet. This new feature is an alternative to muting or blocking users, while still offering some control over a conversation.

Twitter Tests Pop-Up Mini Profile Previews on iOS: Twitter is testing profile previews in its iOS app that show more about a user without taking the user away from their timeline.


YouTube Reacts to Security and Safety Concerns: YouTube released a letter to advertisers this week, promising to “work to sharpen [their] ability to act more precisely” against dangerous content.

YouTube Disables Comments on Most Videos Featuring Minors: YouTube will no longer allow the majority of channels featuring kids to include comment sections following a controversy over predatory comments being posted on videos of children. YouTube will temporarily remove comments from videos that feature minors in the coming months. Only a select few channels with children will be allowed to include a comment sections, but even that comes with a caveat: they’ll be required to monitor their comments for safety.

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