Why Christmas Day lunch at Wetherspoons in Bury St Edmunds costs twice as much as some other branches.

Wetherspoons Christmas dinner �20 a head more expensive in Bury than in lichfield staffs'Mark Beaumont
Wetherspoons Christmas dinner �20 a head more expensive in Bury than in lichfield staffs'Mark Beaumont
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The turkey, stuffing and pigs in blankets are all the same – but if you book Christmas Day lunch at Wetherspoons, the bill may be hard to swallow.

That is because if you have Christmas Day lunch at its Bury St Edmunds branch it will cost you twice as much as the same meal at some of its other Wetherspoons restaurants.

In fact providing your not dining alone and you have a designated driver, it would actually work out cheaper to go out of town and eat at one of its other restaurants.

It sounds Christmas crackers.

The discrepancy was discovered by self-confessed Wetherspoons fan Doug Carter.

While visiting family in Lichfield he picked up a Wetherspoons menu there which showed a four course Christmas Day lunch at £19.99 a head.

Thinking he would book up more locally, the 63-year-old who lives in Watton went to the Bury Wetherspoons only to find the same meal there would cost him £39.99 a head.

“I couldn’t believe it. It is a big difference. I’m disappointed. It doesn’t seem right to me,” said Doug.

The situation has arisen because each Wetherspoon’s branch sets its own price.

“Wetherspoon has more than 500 pubs open on Christmas Day and there are a number of different price bands for Christmas meals,” said a spokesman on behalf of the pub chain.

“The prices are agreed by the managers and area managers and these can vary in different parts of the UK.

“We appreciate that the customer is disappointed that prices in Bury St Edmunds are more expensive than those in Lichfield, however, the prices are on the website and in the pubs themselves and we are transparent about them.”

“I’m a great fan of Wetherspoons,” said Doug.

“I think they do good value food and its nice to be able to get a pint for £2.

“But it is wrong that they are treating their regulars likes this.

“I was told it was because it costs them more to do in Bury. “I know it is a big building and it must cost a lot to heat but even so, I found that a bit of a lame excuse.

“I know its curry club costs more in different branches but that only varies by 50p or £1.

“We was going to treat my mother-in-law but we haven’t booked for Wetherspoons.

“I just feel we have been pushed out this time.

“I will probably end up cooking instead.”

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