Whelnetham parish chairman appeals for more council members

Sign up for Great Whelnetham, urges parish council
Sign up for Great Whelnetham, urges parish council
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A parish council chairman has appealed for volunteers to become councillors.

After concerns about housing development led to about 60 villagers making a rare appearance at Great Whelnetham’s parish council meeting last night, chairman David Howes made his appeal to the handful who stayed for the whole meeting.

“We desperately need more parish councillors,” he said. “People should realise we’re just volunteers and there are only four of us.

“I’ve had letters of complaint about the state of the railway walk but that’s because we used to have a group of people who went up there and did things, now we don’t.

“We need somebody to be responsible for the railway line, somebody to be responsible for the playing field.”

One villager volunteered his services as a qualified tree surgeon to help tidy up the railway walk.

The council needs three members to be a quorum so that it can take decisions. People can be co-opted onto the council pending next year’s elections.

The parish council’s website is at http://whelnetham.com/parish-council

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