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SPEAKING to people on the streets of Bury St Edmunds this week, there was a general feeling of shock after hearing that the town’s most loved bus service FirstGroup was closing at the end of March.

Hugh Golightly, 64, Jocelyn’s Court, said: “It’s going to be awful, it’s the best local service for me. A lot of people are going to be up in arms about it.”

Bury does supply the town’s surrounding towns and estates with other bus services like Stevensons, Mulleys or Galloway but for many people FirstGroup was their preferred choice.

Jill Headley, a pensioner, of West Road, said: “I live on Priors estate so it will affect me quite a lot. I can get other buses like Stevensons or Mulleys into town but First buses are usually my first choice.”

Mrs Launchbury, of Winthrop Road said: “I’m quite sad. I’ve lived in Bury for 45 years and I have always used First buses.”

The closure of First buses will disrupt a lot of people’s daily commute into town, but one of the main concerns that people raised was that they were going to miss being greeted every day by the FirstGroup bus drivers. Many elderly people have been using the First buses more or less everyday for many years and have built very good friendships with many of the bus drivers.

Hilda Smith, of Home Farm Lane, said: “It will affect me because now I will have to wait longer for my bus. The bus drivers on FirstGroup were always so friendly and helpful and I enjoyed seeing them most days.”

The elderly will be the most affected by the closure.

Derek Hall, 68, of Mayfield Road said: “My friends rely on FirstGroup buses to go to hospital.”

There are concerns about those living in Moreton Hall being able to get a bus into town when FirstGroup closes.

Mrs Grove, of Lyminster Close said: “The 85 is the only bus that comes to Moreton Hall. If it stops we will be completely cut off.”