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THE artwork, which was installed in The Apex over three days last week, has proved quite a talking point with visitors.

Crenulated Zoom is aimed a creating ‘an exciting and energetic declaration of arrival’.

On Saturday, reporter Laura Smith popped along to the venue in Charter Square to find out from visitors and passers-by what affect the wall mounted piece, made from painted MDF panels, had been having.

Thirteen-year-old Harriet Jump, from Bury, said: “It really improves the atmosphere and, instead of being dull, it creates light and welcomes you in.”

Her friend Bryony Sinnott, 13, agreed it had improved the space but said she would have preferred to see a painting or photograph in its place.

“I like the way when you walk in it’s the first thing you see,” said Annabel Waghorn, 13, also from Bury.

“It is striking, the colours are very vibrant,” said Stevie Gilchrist, 62, from Burwell “But to me it doesn’t look like an art piece, it looks like an exhibition stand – very plastic.”

“It doesn’t look like art to me,” agreed her son’s partner Merel Prims, 32. “I don’t really like it but I do like the other pictures, they are making the space attractive but they don’t really fit with this artwork.”

Lizzi Cocker, from Bury, had a more positive take on the piece and the mixed response it had elicited from people.

She said: “I think it’s great. Modern contemporary art is supposed to be a talking point so there’s always people who do and don’t like it, it’s controversial.

She added: “It livens up the space enormously and is a good focal point.

“It’s more customer-friendly now and much more encouraging because you think what’s that, I might go inside and see what that is.”

“It definitely needed something and I noticed it straight away – it’s bright and colourful,” said Ben Hicks, adding that its shape reminded him of an organ.

The 36-year-old, from Elmswell, also noticed lights and people in the piece, adding: “I think it looks good but I’d like to see information about it.”

Sandra Kingswell, from Coney Weston, said: “I think the artwork’s lovely – it’s nice to see a bit of colour in the place and it goes well with the brick work.

“This isn’t just your run of the mill venue because it caters for such eclectic tastes so the artwork is in keeping with that,” added the 55-year-old.

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