West Row Pastor recalls his experience of London’s 7/7 bombings

Pastor Evan King
Pastor Evan King
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Pastor Evan King was among the hundreds affected by the 7/7 London bombings 10 years ago and on Sunday prayers at his West Row Baptist church will have poignant significance.

Bombs exploded on three underground trains and then on a bus in Tavistock Square, killing 52 people, maiming and injuring hundreds. On Tuesday the events were marked with memorials in the capital and a minute’s silence nationwide.

Evan, who was a co-owner of a business in the City, was on the underground train which was just behind the doomed Aldgate train.

He recalled standing on the platform after his train was evacuated and seeing all the smoke from the blast.

“I thought it was an explosion but didn’t realise exactly what happened straight away. This was a completely new terrorist threat.

“I knew something bad had happened and my office was just a couple of blocks away so I walked back there and told them what had happened and we switched on the TV and radio.

“I remember that day very well. I had to walk all the way out of London and hitch hiked on the North Circular to where my car was at Epping.

“My feeling is that we live in a sinful world and cannot blame God for these things. We must look to mankind and believe in God.”

Mr King said that prayers will be said on Sunday for the survivors and families of those affected by the attack.