‘Welcome to the trenches,’ says Bury councillor calling for urgent repairs to pavements and roads in the town

Cllr Tom Murray measures a pothole in St Andrew's Street, Bury St Edmunds
Cllr Tom Murray measures a pothole in St Andrew's Street, Bury St Edmunds
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A frustrated town councillor has called for urgent repairs to pavements and road surfaces in Bury St Edmunds.

Cllr Tom Murray said things have got so bad, it is as if ‘the town was preparing for World War Three by building trenches in the road’ and that tourism chiefs should adopt the marketing slogan: ‘Come to Bury and enjoy your trip’.

Cllr Murray highlighted particular problem areas including York stone paving on Angel Hill, potholes in St Andrew’s Street South and broken cobble stones on Cornhill.

“I have been battling this whole issue for three years and the answer is always the same, that the surface problems don’t fit the repair criteria. How deep do the holes have to be before they go from dangerous to deadly?

“The town is covered with so many yellow dots for intended work it is as if Dorothy were trying to find her way back to the Wizard of Oz or Bury St Edmunds was preparing for Word War Three by building bunkers in the road.

“We know all about budget restrictions but Bury is a famous market town and yet our tourism slogan should be: ‘Come to Bury and enjoy your trip’.”

Cllr Murray says he wants the town to be safe for cyclists and pedestrians and pavement and road surfaces are in need of ‘urgent repair’.

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said they are currently addressing all of the areas highlighted by Cllr Murray and ‘some repointing’ has already been carried out on Angel Hill’s York paving stones. He added: “Whilst we carry out regular highways inspections, we also rely on reports from the public to put us in the best possible position to be able to respond quickly and effectively to highway issues.”